Meeting Preparation

Preparation for your annual or initial meeting.

Talking about your finances can sometimes be a bit stressful and uncomfortable.

In order to make our meeting successful, please spend time thinking about the questions below. We will be ready for you with chocolates, coffee, tea and a team of professionals focused on helping you achieve your financial goals.

We will also ask you to complete the following questions prior to your visit (or when you arrive):

Initial meeting questions:

  • About how much do you spend a month, after taxes? Are there any additional expenses you anticipate before retirement? Such expenses could include children's education, home purchase or remodel, travel, or purchase of new cars.
  • How much do you save a year? Include personal savings as well as your own and your employer's contributions to retirement plans, profit-sharing plans, and deferred compensation.
  • What age would you like to retire or become financially independent?
  • Would you like to work part-time in some line of work after you retire from your current position? If so, how long would you like to work and how much money do you think you would be making a year (gross income)?
  • After you retire, do you expect to spend more than you do at present? For example, you may want to spend additional money for travel.
  • Do you expect to receive an inheritance? If so, estimate the year and amount you would likely receive.
  • Based on your health and family history, what do you think is your probable life expectancy?
  • Are you interested in Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)?
  • Do you have an up-to-date will?
  • Do you wish to leave a legacy to your children or to charity?
  • What do you NOT want to experience with a financial advisor?
  • What do you want to accomplish in our relationship that is going to be worth your money and our time?