Services & Fees

To ensure each client receives the level of support most meaningful to them, we offer a variety of services and engagement models

Ongoing Relationships

For those seeking a true financial partner throughout all the ups and downs life may have in store, Silver Oak offers ongoing advisory services. We take a holistic approach that goes beyond traditional portfolio management by identifying and focusing on your personal goals, not just your portfolio’s value. We take the time to understand your financial history and relationship with money to ensure that your investments and financial decisions remain aligned with your long-term goals. With a plan in place, we monitor your portfolio and financial situation, provide regular updates and proactively make recommendations. Whether the circumstances change because of new health needs, choppy investment markets or new tax legislation, we will be ready together.

Cost: Our fee is based on the value of the assets we manage with a minimum fee of $6,600 per year. We charge 0.95% on the first $1,000,000 of assets and 0.60% thereafter.

Financial Projects

For those who are seeking sound guidance around a specific financial issue but prefer to manage their own finances, we offer a project-based engagement. The size and scope of your project depends on your situation and specific questions. The project may include a detailed second opinion of your investment portfolio - where we review your diversification, tax efficiency, expenses, and risk exposure - or a comprehensive retirement projection that evaluates goals, cash flow and overall readiness for retirement. We also specialize in divorce and property settlement issues. Silver Oak can help you understand the financial implications of property division and cash flow, providing a roadmap for ongoing financial independence. Whatever the project, you’ll walk away with an action plan to help you implement your financial strategy with a newfound confidence.

Cost: Our fee is based on the complexity of the engagement and typically ranges between $3,000 and $7,000.

Hourly Consultation

Silver Oak can work with you to answer your financial questions in easy-to-understand terms. Rather than relying on general financial rules of thumb, these discussions are about your specific situation. Some topics might include understanding your employee benefits package, investing in a traditional or Roth retirement account or establishing good financial habits and saving strategies.

Cost: Our hourly fee is $300 per hour.