Silver Oak Advisory Group is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission. The RIA registration form is called an ADV and it consists of three parts:

Part 1 requires information about the investment advisor's business, ownership, clients, employees, business practices, affiliations, and any disciplinary events of the advisor or its employees. Part 1 is organized in a check-the-box, fill-in-the-blank format. The SEC reviews the information from this part of the form to process registrations and manage its regulatory and examination programs.

Part 2 (Part 2A and Part 2B) requires investment advisors to prepare narrative brochures written in plain English that contain information such as the types of advisory services offered, the advisor's fee schedule, disciplinary information, conflicts of interest, and the educational and business background of management and key advisory personnel of the advisor.

Part 3 is commonly known as the Client Relationship Summary (CRS) and provides general information about the firm in plain English. This summary is designed to assist retail investors with the process of deciding whether to establish an investment advisory or brokerage relationship, engage a particular firm or financial professional, or terminate or switch a relationship or specific service.

You can also review our advisor's individual credentials with the Certified Financial Planner™ Board of Standards and SEC's Investment Adviser Public Disclosure (Firm CRD# 108298).

Megan E. Buchanan, CFP® - SEC Investment Adviser Public Disclosure (CRD# 7315217)
Jessica M. Howe, CFP® - SEC Investment Adviser Public Disclosure (CRD# 5529814)
Brent C. Hunsberger, CFP® - SEC Investment Adviser Public Disclosure (CRD# 5910923)


This web site is a way to provide our clients and friends of the firm with general information; it is not intended to provide specific details for your particular needs nor tax or legal advice.

Silver Oak Advisory Group may only transact business in your state if it is either (1) registered in your state or (2) excluded or exempted from investment adviser registration in your state. We encourage you to locate a financial planner in your area to consult with. Two national organizations will provide names of qualified professionals for you to interview: National Association of Personal Financial Advisors, 1-800-366-2732 and Financial Planning Association, 1-800-282-7526.

Follow-up, individualized responses to e-mail requests that involve the rendering of personalized investment advice for compensation will not be made absent compliance with state investment adviser registration requirements, or an applicable exemption or exclusion. We believe financial and investment advice is best delivered after personal contact with our clients. The information in this web site is not intended as the primary basis for investment decisions and should not be construed as advice meeting the particular investment needs of any investor. All references that might be made to an investment, index or portfolio's performance are based on historical data and one should not assume this performance will continue in the future.