Lydia Rollo

Client Service Associate

My transition to financial services after working in estate planning law was a natural one.  Financial planning and estate planning are, after all, just two sides of the same sandbox. I find great satisfaction in seeing the benefits that well-tailored future planning brings to clients’ lives. Assisting in operations, administration, and advising here at Silver Oak, I get to see those benefits at every level!

During my time at Portland State University studying political science and founding the K-Pop Dance Club, I discovered my knack for navigating complex systems and processes while maintaining a vision of the bigger picture.  The time I spent studying in France and Brazil brought out my love for meeting new people and a desire for pushing myself out of my comfort zone.  My role as Client Service Associate aligns just right with what makes me tick.

In my spare time, you will often find me hanging out with my cats, listening to a politics podcast or doing crafts with friends.